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Welcome to the UK Fashion webshop

This webshop is designed to complete the sale of our clothing and shoes range.

Below you will find our selection of all available second-hand items clothing and shoes for men, women and children. Feel free to look and make your choice, if you have any questions you can inform us by message (see left panel). We do our best to supplement your question / wish with the best quality and service.

You can place your order with a few clicks and it will be ready for dispatch immediately, we will try to get the orders sent within 24 hours so that they arrive quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: This webshop is NOT SUITABLE for selling goods on continents as Africa, Asia, America and Australia. Reason: the shipping costs are more than the goods value.

Customers from Africa are welcome with a minimum order of 20 feet container = around 12.5 tonnes.

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