Terms and conditions


Art. 1

These terms and conditions apply to any sale agreement by a visitor to this site, hereinafter "customer", concluded with UK Fashion Shop, GLOBALE TRADING private company with limited liability. Company number: BE0827774244. These terms and conditions take precedence over all other terms and conditions of the customer. Additional conditions are excluded from the customer, unless the prior, written and expressly accepted by us. 


Art. 2

An agreement is validly established by the electronic transmission of the order by clicking the hyperlink "agreement for this order", or by sending an email which implies an order. 


Art. 3

Despite our model contracts are carefully edited by us, it is possible that, because of the nature of the product, a standard contract purchased by you not completely meet your needs or is not specifically tailored to your situation. In this case we disclaim any liability to us and please note that you bear full responsibility for the use of these model contracts. 


Art. 4

The nature of the model sold contracts follows that they can not be returned so you according to Art. 80 §4, 2 ° Act does not on commercial and consumer information about a withdrawal. Each sale-purchase is from the conclusion of the agreement final and not subject to any reflection period.


Art. 5

Payment is always done electronically via credit card or bank transfer. Each order is payable immediately at the time of concluding the contract. When paying by bank transfer you will receive the ordered products only after receipt of the sum due.


Art. 6

The implementation of the agreement normally occurs almost immediately after payment via credit card or confirmation of payment by bank transfer or Paypal. But any delay in the implementation where appropriate, draw no right to compensation. In case of payment by bank transfer, the delivery of the ordered products within five working days after crediting our account. In this case, any delay in the execution not entitled to compensation.


Art. 7

Any disputes arising from this agreement are governed by Belgian law. For all disputes arising from this agreement, the Court of the District of Oudenaarde jurisdiction.


Art. 8

At each electronic order products customer specifically states its agreement with these terms and conditions by checking the checkbox "I agree". An electronic order without these is its agreement, subject to deceit, technically impossible that these conditions are still binding on the part of the customer.


Art. 9

Every customer who registers is registered by address and name. If the same name or address is used for new accounts, this customer will be refused to receive the discounts again. The discounts are for new customers only and not a reusable discount on future orders. In case of abuse, we have the right to refuse these discounts.