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Pre-sorted sweatshirts and hoodies

Sweatshirt & hoodies 120 kg Pre-sorted sweatshirts and hoodies

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€ 181.50 VAT included

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Sweatshirts and hoodies pre-sorted with cream quality inside.

  • Contains: Sweatshirts and hoodies in different styles and colors
  • Quality: Original/No grade guarantee**
  • Sizes: Different sizes
  • Gender: Mixed*
  • Parcel: Big bag of 120 kg, minimum order 3 big bags = 360 kg
  • Packaging type: PP. big bags
  • Price: € 1,25 / kg

*Be aware, we are a wholesale company that works in large quantities. We can not guarantee the exact amount of man/woman but we can guarantee the quality of the products. Every package is slightly different. Our selection is handpicked and may contain human mistakes.

**This product is unsorted, which means we cannot guarantee your quality of the products. You can find the cream quality inside but also the bad ones.